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Car accidents

Insurance companies don't want you to hire an attorney, particularly an attorney who knows how car accident claims are handled. We understand the process from the inside out. Tennessee has one of the shortest periods of time to pursue an accident claim. Time is not on your side when you've been injured in a car accident. Don't delay in contacting our firm for assistance.                           


Our Firm has years and years of experience representing national 'big box' and regional retail stores. We know how they operate. We know how they act when someone has been injured. We know how to stand up to these large corporations when you have been hurt.  


If you do not set out your wishes in advance, state law will determine how your assets are passed which may be contrary to your actual wishes. Let us help you plan ahead.  


Tractor-trailers accidents involve laws that specifically deal with large commercial vehicles. Your attorney must know these laws. Our Firm spent years representing and defending trucking companies. Now, we bring that experience and expertise to individuals and families who have been injured by their drivers. 



wrongful death

There is no greater loss than the loss of life. If a loved one has lost his/her life due to the negligence of a person, a company or a product, we provide the guidance and legal experience needed to address your loss. 

business & contract disputes

When you are facing a business or employment dispute, or need guidance on a contract, or are simply trying to form a new company and need to know the best entity or risk plan for you, we will provide the insight, guidance and assistance needed to address your particular business concern.  



Both Chris and Mike grew up riding motorcycles. We understand not only what it takes to ride, but the laws that affect motorcyclists when they've been injured by others. When we are involved early in a claim, we will secure the necessary evidence and information to protect your rights.


WORKErs' Compensation

Changes to Tennessee's workers' compensation laws have not been friendly to many employees. We know the system. We know the process. We know how to handle your claim to make sure you get every benefit the law entitles you to receive. 


If you are disabled, unable to work or are seeking long-term care benefits, we can help you secure the benefits that you deserve.  With many years of disability experience, the Newton Firm will guide you through the process step by step. 

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